Careers of Recent Graduates

Universities, Research Institutions, Government

Tokyo Institute of Technology; University of Tokyo; University of Osaka; University of Tsukuba; Waseda University; Keio University; Tokyo University of Science; Chuo University; Ministry of Labor; Bank of Japan

Electronics, Telecommunications, IT Industries

NTT; NTT DoCoMo; Toshiba; Hitachi; Sony; Sharp; NEC; Fujitsu; IBM Japan; Microsoft; NTT Data

Machinery and Automobile Industries

Toyota; Honda; Nissan; Mazda; Mitsubishi Heavy Industry; Canon; Ricoh; Murata Manufacturing; Fuji Xerox

Iron and Non-Ferrous Metal Industries

Nippon Steel Corporation; Sumitomo Metal Industries; Kobelco; Japan Mining Industry; Furukawa Denki

Chemical, Food Industries

Bridgestone; Aji no Moto; Fujifilm; Asahi Beer; Toray; Asahi Kasei; Sankyo; Shiseido; Suntory; DNP

Construction, Power, Transportation Industries

Kajima Corporation; JGC Corporation; Chiyoda Corporation; Toyo Engineering; JR Central; JR East

Finance, Trading Industries

Japan Bank for International Cooperation; Mizuho Financial Group; Mitsubishi Trust Bank; Mitsui Sumitomo Bank; Goldman Saks Japan; Nomura Securities; Nissay; Mitsui & Co.

Consulting and Other Industries,

Nikkei; Yomiuri Shimbun; Mainichi Shimbun; Nomura Research Institute; Japan Research Institute; Hakuhodo; Dentsu; Ernst & Young Japan; Accenture; McKinsey; IBM Business Consulting; Thomas Deloitte

Words from Alumni

Dr. Toshiyuki Adachi

Company Executive, NEC Personal Products, K.K.
(Undergraduate Degree, 1977; Master Degree, 1979; Doctorate dissertation, 1994)

The 3 years between my undergraduate senior year and the master program are full of memories about the fun I had in "research and factory internships" and "parties and baseball". Even today, I am glad I majored in Industrial Management and Engineering. Corporate Japan of the post-bubble economy cannot survive without continuing to reform. At this time, what is needed is a person who has the ability to foresee the global sphere without being blinded by frontiers and who can proceed with big and innovative ideas. This is a philosophy that is fostered in the crisscross thoughts of Industrial Management and Engineering and there is no time like the present when this field would thrive. Please aim to become the talented individual that will lead the reformation of society with confidence and strategic ideas.

Ms. Masako Kibara

Cosmetics Project Headquarters, Kao, K.K.
(Undergraduate Degree, 1992; Master Degree, 1994)

Management Systems Engineering is a breed of its own even for Tokyo Tech standards. We didn’t have overnight experiments. On the one hand, we had lectures that were heavy in the liberal arts but at the same time, we had 3 difficult mathematical seminars per week at night. On the other hand, the fact that I was "trained" in the thought of "grasping the bird's eye view" and the logic of social phenomena has been useful to my career. In this academia, "society" is the primary research subject. Please develop a balanced sensibility and pay attention to various social phenomena aside from your own research field to develop a deeper understanding.

Dr. Takeshi Kimura

Project Representative, Census Department, Economic Analysis Division, Bank of Japan
(Undergraduate Degree, 1987; Master Degree, 1989; Doctor Degree, 1997)

During my graduate school days, I was involved in fierce debates with faculty members and classmates during the weekly seminars. My research results were published in a journal as co-author. Through this process, I was able to build a foundation for my own personal research style. And for me, this is my most treasured asset. After completing my master degree, I entered the Bank of Japan, finished a "tour of duty" at the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) and am currently involved in the administration of financial policies and economic assessment. The statistics and probability as well as optimization methods that I learned in graduate school have remained useful to me, even in my work today. I am an economist by title but I still have a sense of pride of being a TITech-educated engineer.

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